Mi casa, su casa : Parte Dos

Saturday, November 4th @ 11:00 AM

For the second time I’m throwing a GTG for all my Pinball peeps.

I won’t fire up the grill this time but I will open my house to all of you, don’t expect anything fancy, Domino’s® pizzas, sodas and a Box O’ Joe® from the closest DD; you are more than welcome to bring over some dish to share. This will be a BYOB type of event; bring a lawn chair if you are a more outdoor type of person, it will be November, so dress accordingly.

La Casa will organize a 4 strike knockout tournament with final 8 players in a PAPA style playoffs with 4 game matches and 4 players groups. Doors will open at 11:00am, roll call at noon and tournament start at 12:30pm. RVSP is required, please email me to save you a spot and maybe a slice of cheese pizza.

With more than 50 WPPR points awarded last time (and hoping to award more this time) plus an additional $150 from my pocket towards the final four players, the buy in will be $20; $15 will be used towards top four payoffs and $5 towards food and drinks.

Lastly, Mi Casa su Casa is now part of the Pintervention Championship Circuit; your participation will award you Pinholics Tokens that can be used towards your qualification for the Pintervention Championship on January 2018. More information can be found : http://tinyurl.com/yagbuc2u

As of 1010 the game lineup is:

– Jumping Jack
– Paragon
– Genie
– Stars
– Meteor
– Fire!
– F-14 Tomcat
– Bad Girls
– Demolition Man
– Lethal Weapon 3
– Roller Games
– Maybe Captain Fantastic, but is a stretch.

A Twitch stream will be setup on a secretly chosen machine