Mi casa, su casa : Parte Tres

Saturday, June 30th @ 11:00 AM

For the third time “La Casa” will be open for all my Pinball peeps.

With the weather hopefully improving by June I will be firing up the grill so we can gather around and chill, hamburger patties (and their usual fixings) along with some hot dogs will be served to enhance your chilling experience; water bottles and a Box O’ Joe® from the closest DD will be also provided. BYOB if you have a personal drinking preference, I will have my bug-off handy if you decide to bring your lawn chair (highly suggested). If you want to bring over a dish or a bag of chips from the closest gas station, you are more than welcome to do it, you will be highly appreciated.

While chilling, La Casa will organize a 4 (or maybe a 5) strike knockout tournament with final 8 players in a PAPA style playoffs with 4 game matches and 4 players groups. Doors will open at 11:00am, roll call at 12:30pm and tournament will start at 1:00pm. RVSP is required, please email me to save you a spot and maybe a couple of burgers.

With more than 50 WPPR points awarded last time (and hoping to award more this time) plus an additional $150 from my pocket, payouts will be towards the final eight players, the buy in will be $25; $20 will be used towards top eight payoffs and $5 towards stuff you eat/drink/break/IFPA fee.

Lastly, Mi Casa, su Casa is part of the Pintervention Championship Circuit; your participation will award you Pinholics Tokens that can be used towards your qualification for the Pintervention Championship. More information can be found : http://tinyurl.com/yagbuc2u

As of 0504 the game lineup is:

– Jumping Jack
– Paragon
– Genie
– Stars
– World Cup Soccer
– Demolition Man
– Terminator 2
– Captain Fantastic
– Magic
– Firepower II

This above list will most likely change so keep checking if there’s a change on it.

A Twitch stream will be setup on a random machine